Fal Seers

Yakuza Monk Duro


Fal Seers is a Duro about 6’0 feet in height and weighting 150 pounds. To protect his blue head from cracking in the heat of the many suns in the Corellia sector he wears a conical shade. His sword his only treasured possession. His pants are utlitarian and his flight jacket fashionable. Underneath his jacket he wears a long sleeve shirt. and mercenary vest.


The town bustled with activity as Moff Tiernan’s speeder approached the pulpit. Being the governor of the planet Tralus, he was afforded the greatest of respect. Though many thought of him as no more than a dictator, some felt that the city had never prospered better. This was a day of great importance to to Tiernan. He was going to be promoted to the level of Grand Moff. For such and occasion the city pulled out all the stops. A parade was held in his honor just prior to his given his speech.

He waved at the crowd, smiling confidently as a Duro sat beside him. “Fal, my friend. This city will never be the same after today.”

“Of that there is no doubt sir.” Fal looked out at the signs of protest with unease. People, especially humans, could grow so out of control so quickly. He had checked and rechecked the route for any gaps in security. After several days of pouring over all the information and planning he was satisfied with his plan. If anyone approached the Moff he’d be ready.

The Moff stepped onto the platform to both cheers and jeers from the audience.
Fal looked around the crowd with utmost scrutiny. He was focused on any movement toward the stage.

“And now, good people, I’d like to introduce everyone’s favorite daughter. Galahanna. Her work with the charities has led her to become the darling of this city and I couldn’t be prouder.” The Moff hugged her in front of the crowd.

Fal’s eyes twitched as he saw movement. A man stood up onto a box or crate, he wasn’t sure, and raised a rifle into the air. “The Moff’s reign will end today.” He aimed down the scope of the sight and a burning bolt of energy flew towards Tiernan. The experience of years of being the Moff’s bodyguard. Fal leaped towards Tiernan.

Tiernan gasped in shock as his daughter fell against his chest limply. The burning smell of flesh assaulted his nose. He looked down in terror to see a blaster hole in her back. A shot meant for him. He looked at Fal with fire in his eyes. Damned Duro! He was supposed to protect her too. There was only one fitting end to this.

“I’m sorry Fal. I have to let you go. You failed me in your duty. You understand.”
Fal nodded. “Yes of course. But allow me the honor of resigning myself.”
Tiernan nodded despite his better judgement. “Very well. I wish you luck Fal. If you ever need anything, I will be available. In spite of what happened, you are still part of this family.”

Fal bowed his head. “I do not deserve such and honor. But I will graciously accept it nonetheless. Farewell sir. And be well.”

“You as well Fal. Take care of yourself.”

Fal, with only a sword at his hip, and his traveling clothes on his back, walked away from the mansion determined that he would never fail to protect anyone again.

After several months of wandering he stops by a Cantina and sits to have a drink. This encounter leads to him being hired by a human with a very strange accent. The human gains his respect for fighting dirty, but he finds him to have a bit of an annoying trait. He hates all aliens and forces Fal to wear a helmet to hide his face. Fal tolerates this practice since he is, after all, just a lackey. But he is relieved whenever he can remove it.

He has no love interests at the moment, but the secretary at his new employers office has an odd twitch in her eye. She keeps closing one eye slowly at him. Is there some kind of secret she and he share, or is it a just a medical condition. She should probably get it checked in any case.

Fal Seers

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